For our 18th episode, I interviewed Jared Miller, Digital Strategist at Third Degree Advertising in Oklahoma City. Jared shared why you should be nurturing your leads online, the benefit of long form content, and the different types of online content to use.

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For episode seventeen, my guest was Melissa Richey, Marketing Coordinator at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. Melissa shared the rebranding process they went through, the blogging strategy they use, and how they market online by sharing stories.

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Casey Cornett

by Tim Priebe | October 22, 2014

#16: Casey Cornett – Social media comparison

For episode sixteen, my guest was Casey Cornett, social media director at VI Marketing and Branding. Casey shared why Facebook is the best social media platform for targeted paid advertising, which three social networks should be given priority, and how LinkedIn should be viewed differently than other social networks.

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Kathy Harms

by Tim Priebe | October 8, 2014

#15: Kathy Harms – Nonprofit event marketing

My guest for the fifteenth episode of OOMPHcast was Kathy Harms, Executive Director of Teen emPower! She shared how her organization utilizes Facebook, the unique way they use email to promote their annual fundraiser, and why she hates links that trick you.

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Zach Nash, creative manager for the City of Oklahoma City, was my guest for episode fourteen of the podcast. Zach shared how the City of Oklahoma City got on Twitter, how being prepared ahead of time helps, and the importance of keeping your own copy of your content.

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Terrell Sanders, founder and president of Main Street Enterprises, was my guest for our thirteenth episode. Terrell shared why church staff should use their personal accounts on Facebook, how targeting specific audiences on Facebook can be done, and some common concerns churches have about getting on social media.

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Mike Hoang

by Tim Priebe | August 27, 2014

#12: Mike Hoang – KM Marketing

Mike Hoang was my guest for episode twelve. Mike is with KM Marketing. He shared three tips for online marketing, what the mindset of the typical Facebook and Twitter user looks like, and a specific tip for Facebook involving photos.

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Jill Castilla, Executive Vice President of Citizens Bank in Edmond, OK.

by Tim Priebe | August 13, 2014

#11: Jill Castilla – Citizens Bank of Edmond

My guest for episode 11 was Jill Castilla, President & CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond. Jill shared how looking at social media as conversations has helped, why Twitter is her social media platform of choice, and the story of how Citizens Bank accidentally ended up on YouTube.

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Tim Priebe

by Tim Priebe | July 30, 2014

#10: Why online marketing fails

For our tenth episode, I was the guest! I shared four concepts that, if you don’t understand them, can lead to either the perception of failure, or actual failure, when marketing online. I spoke about the whole point, the right order, your recipe for content, and the point of optimization.

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My guest for episode 9 was Elizabeth Caldwell, Communications Specialist at Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma. Elizabeth shared how they use Facebook Insights, the pros of being a local presence of a national organization, what “theme days” are, and how the Girl Scouts use the iOS Facebook Pages app.

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