Episode 25’s guest was Joel Gavin, the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Oklahoma Arts Council. Joel shared his experience with online marketing for a government agency, including his experience with the web, social media, and email marketing.

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Carl Britton Jr

by T and S Online Marketing | February 11, 2015

#24: Carl Britton Jr. – Online marketing with independent pharmacies

The guest for episode 24 was Carl Britton Jr., President of In Their Face Marketing. Carl shared some lessons he has learned working with independent pharmacies, and other industries, on their social media. Learn about why every company should have a Facebook ad budget, the advantage small local companies have when marketing online, and much more.

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Jimmy Owens

by Tim Priebe | January 28, 2015

#23: Jimmy Owens – Online video marketing

Episode 23’s guest was none other than Jimmy Owens, the owner of DesignTunnel. Jimmy shared a number of tips about online video marketing, including info on both YouTube and Vimeo, and when one makes more sense than the other.

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Patrick Allmond

by Tim Priebe | January 14, 2015

#22: Patrick Allmond – Marketing with a podcast

Our guest for episode 22 was Patrick Allmond, the owner of Focus Digital Marketing Agency. Patrick shared all sorts of tips for podcasting, including how to tell if podcasting is a good fit for you, as well as how you can get started.

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Episode 21 is a first, with two guests at once! Krista Bruce is a Media Relations Manager, and Gina Yannarell is a Digital Media Strategist. Both Krista and Gina are with Koch Communications. Krista and Gina shared tips for building relationships with reporters on social media, the importance of Twitter in media relations, and how internal brainstorming sessions can be useful.

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For episode 20, I was the guest, talking about LinkedIn. I shared the difference between a personal presence and organization presence, then I shared tips for both your personal presence, and your LinkedIn business page.

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Matthew Barnett

by Tim Priebe | December 3, 2014

#19: Matthew Barnett – Search engine rankings

For episode 19 of the podcast, my guest was Matthew Barnett, SEO Strategist with VI Marketing and Branding. Although he lives in Kansas City, Missouri, he works with a lot of companies in Oklahoma City because his company is based out of OKC.

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For our 18th episode, I interviewed Jared Miller, Digital Strategist at Third Degree Advertising in Oklahoma City. Jared shared why you should be nurturing your leads online, the benefit of long form content, and the different types of online content to use.

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For episode seventeen, my guest was Melissa Richey, Marketing Coordinator at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. Melissa shared the rebranding process they went through, the blogging strategy they use, and how they market online by sharing stories.

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Casey Cornett

by Tim Priebe | October 22, 2014

#16: Casey Cornett – Social media comparison

For episode sixteen, my guest was Casey Cornett, social media director at VI Marketing and Branding. Casey shared why Facebook is the best social media platform for targeted paid advertising, which three social networks should be given priority, and how LinkedIn should be viewed differently than other social networks.

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